The online Translation Studies Bibliography (TSB) is the result of a cooperation agreement between EST, CETRA, University of Leuven and John Benjamins Publishing Company. It is an annotated bibliography of the vast field of Translation and Interpreting Studies. TSB's first release was launched in 2004. The bibliography will be updated regularly, with an official new release once a year. Future releases will be complemented not only with updates of recent material, but also with records of earlier publications.

In 2015, TSB was complemented with content from the Translation Studies Abstracts Online (TSA), an online database which was acquired by John Benjamins from Routledge/Taylor & Francis and which was originally launched by St. Jerome Publishing in 1998.

The TSB tries to be as comprehensive as possible, without any national, regional, cultural or thematic limitations. Besides the permanent editorial staff in Antwerp, it therefore is based on contributions and suggestions from nodes and contributors all over the world. The following categories of publications are included: journal articles, monographs, (articles from) collective volumes, reviews, reference materials, dissertations and unpublished manuscripts. The bibliography does not index translations or dictionaries, unless relevant to research in Translation & Interpreting (T/I).

In our working definition, T/I studies is considered as a broad field of transfer and mediation, containing aspects of intra- and interlingual translation, adaptation, interpreting, reformulation, localisation, multimedia translation, language mediation and terminology/documentation.

Because of the interdisciplinary nature of T/I studies, the TSB considers publications from other disciplines (such as semiotic studies, communication studies, linguistics, sociology, psychology, etc.) but only to the extent in which they are relevant and of interest to T/I studies.

An important and useful search, research and structuring tool for TSB was the newly developed and detailed conceptual tree of the discipline. This tree reflects the bibliography's understanding of the concept and field of Translation & Interpreting. It offers a conceptual guideline for the abstracts in the TSB and imposes a certain degree of uniformity on them. And above all, the conceptual tree structures and homogenizes the extensive list of key words and the thesaurus, both important tools for the TSB user. TSB now also provides CrossRef DOIs, where available, for easier linking to source materials (NB. access to sources is not included in TSB and depends on whether you/your library subscribes to a source).

The TSB provides descriptive, non-evaluative abstracts for almost all publications included (except reviews). It meets an academic need and even reaches beyond by offering a major source of information to all those specialists who deal with globalization, international communication, and multi-, inter- and cross-cultural issues.

The project benefits from the cooperation with existing (partial) bibliographies such as TRANSST (Gideon Toury) and Rita Jääskeläinen's 'Bibliography on think-aloud protocol studies into translation'. The Department of Applied Language Studies at HUB (Brussels) provides support in the form of an additional member for the project team.

We hope that this bibliography will prove to be a useful tool for researchers in translation studies, and that it will help them find their way in the ever expanding field.

The TSB editors
Yves Gambier - University of Turku & Kaunas University of Technology (KTU), Lithuania
Luc van Doorslaer - University of Tartu & KU Leuven