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Lomholt, Karsten. 1991. Problems of intercultural translation. Babel 37 (1) : 28–35.
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In the present article three problems of intercultural translation are examined. The findings are based on the translation possibilities of extracts from an Urdu work on the Islam and mysticism into English. The author proposes six translation procedures for terminology: 1) different translations from the direct context, 2) an explicit translation by means of paraphrase, 3) a transliteration, i.e. a translation which features words that can only be understood in its context, 4) an explicitation in the margin of the text, 5) the use of terms related to the target language, 6) a translation based on a definition in the source text. Subsequently the author presents a number of methods to reorganise the phrase structure of the source language in order to make it correspond to the structure of the target language. Finally the author describes some problems related to the translation of stylistic procedures. He shows that - when translated word by word - the effect in the target language could be the mirror opposite of the effect in the source text.
Source : P. Van Mulken