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Farghal, Mohammed. 1991. Evaluativeness paramater and the translator from English into Arabic and vice-versa. Babel 37 (3) : 138–151.
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The objective of this study is to shed light on evaluativeness as a sensitve and problematic parameter when tranlating from English into Arabic and vice-versa. It aims to sensitize the translator to the different evaluativeness strategies employed in the two languages and how this reflects on the validity of the translation and its faithfulness to the original. The paper investigates the linguistic as well as the discoursal correlates of evaluativeness in English and Arabic. Although most of the examples are confined to micro-features, i.e. the sentence level, they have direct relevance to macro-features, i.e. discoursal aspects. Moreover, the study touches on intersentential evaluativeness that brings about argumentation on a Text-typological Focus. The term 'evaluativeness" is adopted in this paper in order to broaden the scope of this discoursal aspect in such a way that it will go beyond the traditional notions of 'prominence' and 'emphasis'.
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