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Tagnin, Stella E. O. and Elisa Duarte Teixeira. 2004. Lingüística de corpus e tradução técnica - relato da montagem de um corpus multivarietal de culinária [Corpus linguistics and technical translation – Construction of a a multivariant corpus of cooking recipies]. TradTerm 10 : 313–358.
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Corpus Linguistics, as a methodology, has been shown to be extremely valuable for Technical Translation, both for translation practice and terminological research. This article reports on the construction of a multivariant corpus of cooking recipes in Brazilian and European Portuguese and American and British English. Our research was motivated by the ever-growing number of European Portuguese cookbooks sold in the Brazilian market. The investigation of our corpus has revealed that the lexical, syntactic and cultural differences between the Portuguese variants are more expressive than those between the English variants. We claim that this would justify Brazilian translations of these books and terminological reference works which make these differences explicit.
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