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Bensoussan, Marsha and Judith Rosenhouse. 1990. Evaluating student translations by discourse analysis. Babel 36 (2) : 65–84.
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In this article the results are presented of an evalution of translation students. The translation of a text was used in order to evaluate the comprehension of 62 students in their first year at the University of Haifa. They translated an English narrative text of 520 words into their native tongue, being Hebrew (31) or Arab (31). The translations' faithfulness is examined on the macro level (structure) and the micro level (propostions, communicative function, explicitation and implicitation, vocabulary and expressions, verb tense, cohesion, grammatical correction between nouns and pronouns and style). The results of both groups indicate that not the number of errors is linked to the comprehension of the text but their type and level of education.
Source : P. Van Mulken