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Holmes, James S. and Raymond van den Broeck, eds. 1988. Translated! Papers on literary translation and Translation Studies (Approaches to Translation Studies 7). Amsterdam: Rodopi. 111 pp.
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Second edition published in 1994. Transferred to digital printing in 2005. With an introduction by Raymond van den Broeck.


This collection of papers aims to present a faithful though, alas, incomplete picture of Holmes’ multifarious activities in the field of Translation Studies. This is particularly the case of the first part (The Poem Translated), which could in fact be considered as complete only if it were accompanied by its necessary complement: the translated poems themselves. This part introduces us to the poetry translator who tries to share with his colleagues insights into his craft acquired through both personal experience and theoretical study, transferred to a more abstract level of objective observation. The second part reflects the author’s unflagging concern to secure an independent academic status for his field, and to define within it methodologically well-grounded lines of force.
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