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Fiorito, Lorenzo. 2006. An English - Italian glossary of international finance and trade. Translation Journal 10 (2). URL
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Compared to general language, one of the remarkable features of technical and scientific texts is their nominal style, since about half of all words in an ESP text are nouns. Hence, the importance of glossaries, which convey most of the meaning of a specialized text. The use of a glossary is essential for successful translations and professional usage of English for Specific Purposes. However, users are often not equipped with the exact English terminology required in very specific sectors. This glossary provides key words and phrases for international trade and finance; it is an attempt to describe a specialty language through a lexical approach, by compiling a bilingual glossary in an ESP subject field, and has mostly been compiled by finding items and comparing usage in bilingual specialized texts (dedicated websites, customs and bank forms, insurance contracts and so on).
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