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Esselink, Bert. 2000. A practical guide to localization (Language International World Directory 4). Amsterdam: John Benjamins. ix + 488 pp.
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Reference work
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US ISBN: 1-58811-005-2 Development Editor: Arjen-Sjoerd de Vries. Copy Editor: Shiera O'Brien See also:


This guide provides information on the following topics: localizing software, online help, documentation files and translation technology tools; developing, engineering and testing software and localization projects, finding resources and ensuring product quality; internationalization, desktop publishing and software quality assurance. It is designed for translators, localization engineers, testing engineers, desktop publishers, project managers, and anyone else who may be involved in the release of multilingual products. It aims to be both a reference work and teaching tool. Updates to the book, additions, links and exercises can be found on the internet.
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