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Facchinetti, Roberta, ed. 2007. Corpus linguistics 25 years on (Language and Computers 62). Amsterdam: Rodopi. vi+385 pp.
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Edited volume
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This volume offers a state-of-the-art picture of work undertaken in the field of computer-aided corpus linguistics. While the focus is on English, central insights can be generalised to other languages, as well. As a work intended to mark the Silver Jubilee of ICAME, the International Computer Archive of Modern and Medieval English, the book combines surveys of the discipline by some of its major pioneers, including founders of ICAME itself, with cutting-edge work by younger scholars. It is divided into three sections: 'Overviewing years of corpus linguistic studies,' 'Descriptive studies in English syntax and semantics,' and 'Second Language Acquisition, parallel corpora and specialist corpora.' The book bears witness to the advances that have characterised the development of corpus linguistics over the past few decades – from terminological issues to practical applications, from theoretical and descriptive research to applied approaches, from monolingual to multilingual and specialist corpora, from corpus design to corpus exploitation tools.
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