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Loshak, Rosemary. 2002. The role of the interpreter in child mental health: the changing landscape. In Tribe, Rachel and Hitesh Raval, eds. Working with interpreters in mental health. Hove: Brunner & Routledge. pp. 151–167.


This chapter is about services provided to Bangladesh families within child mental health services. The efforts of a multi-disciplinary team to develop its work with families across the linguistic divide are the subject of this chapter. An early research initiative examined parental perceptions of the service among Bangladeshi families. Several factors enter into the dialogue between therapists and families so that an interpreter needs not only good linguistic skills but also an awareness of the processes as they operate within themselves and in all the parties in the room so that families can feel understood and accepted. This chapter sets out to explore this interaction through presenting case material.
Source : K. Foelen