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Weber, Orest. 2003. Le discours des soignants sur les consultations impliquant des migrants [The discourse of caretakers on the consultations in which immigrants are involved]. In Guex, Patrice and Pascal Singy, eds. Quand la médecine a besoin d'interprètes [When medicine needs interpreters] (CMS: cahiers médico-sociaux). Genève: Editions Médecine et Hygiène. pp. 113–139.
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In this chapter, Weber discusses the necessary presence of the translating professional and the reticence not to sacrifice the exclusive relation ‘caretaker-patient’ by working with a third party. On the one hand, that ‘third party’ is often seen as a tool for the word-for-word translation. On the other hand, it can also be considered as a ‘subject’ of the interaction. Among other items, the socio-professional diversity of the caretakers is highlighted.
Source : K. Foelen