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Radó, György. 1987. A typology of LLD translation problems. Babel 33 (1) : 6–13.
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LLD, i.e. "language of limited diffusion", is a term used in the International Federation of Translators for what are often called "small" or "minor" languages. The author attempts to prove that languages spoken by millions can also be of limited diffusion and secondly he presents a typology of LLD translation problems, which come under the following headings: 1) knowledge of the languages (SL and TL); 2) the role of "rough" (word-for-word or computer) translation; 3) translating from a translation (into a third language); 4) common elements in the SL and TL (similar ways of expression, linguistic affinity, 'false friends'); 5) translating from the translator's mother tongue; 6) the role of LLD translation in relation to "Weltliteratur".
Source : P. Van Mulken