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Aphek, Edna and Mira Levine. 1986. Problems in the terminology and translation of Judaic studies. Babel 32 (2) : 78–83.
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This article discusses some of the major problems and difficulties involved in the translation of Judaica. The authors point out three main categories of difficulties unique to the translation of Judaic studies. The first specific problems, such as terminology, fixed rules for abbreviations, acronyms, transliterations etc., are problems most of which could be solved by the creation of a good reference tool - a Guide to Terminology and Translation in Judaica. The second category deals with the translation of material demanding on the part of the translator not only the mastery of Hebrew and the target language, the deciphering of the ancient text, a knowledge of the source upon which the material is based, but also a knowledge of literature and folklore and a thorough knowledge in the field of linguistics. This category is illustrated by a short excerpt dealing with "midrash". The third category involves all the above and adds to it a linguistic-stylistic dimension unique to the Hebrew language which makes the task of the translator extremely difficult, if not impossible. This is illustrated by the presentation of a unique stylistic element in many of the short stories of S.Y. Agnon, i.e. word systems.
Source : P. Van Mulken