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Delisle, Jean and Danica Seleskovitch. 1980. L'analyse du discours comme méthode de traduction: initiation à la traduction française de textes pragmatiques anglais. Théorie et pratique [Discourse analysis as translation method: introduction to translating pragmatic texts from English into French. Theory and practice] (Cahiers de traductologie 2). Ottawa: University of Ottawa Press. 282 pp.
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Foreword by Danica Seleskovitch, professor at the Université de Paris Sorbonne Nouvelle.


This book offers a reflection on the translation theory and didactics. Leaving aside literary translation, the author proposes a methodology for the translation of pragmatic texts and points out that the pedagogical objectives of professional translation training do no coincide with school translation and differential linguistics. To situate his practical teaching perspectives, the author distinguishes between two types of equivalence: transcoded equivalence and contextual equivalence. The former is based on de signification of linguistic signs, universal semantics; the latter is the result of the transposition of the meaning of a text which has a precise communicative function and expresses the intention of the writer. The meaning is composed of verbal significations enhanced with cognitive complements. In this book the author attempts to comprehend the dynamics of the cognitive and interpretative process by means of discourse analysis. The book includes a number of pracitical excersises and examples which enable the reader to discover the differences in language usage through textological means instead of a linguistic one.
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