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Sousa Moniz, Maria Lin de. 2002. O que os portugueses perceberam do olhar francês sobre a I Grande Guerra [How the Portuguese perceived French narratives about the Great War]. In Lopes, Alexandra and Maria do Carmo Correia de Oliveira, eds. Deste lado do espelho: estudos de tradução em Portugal [From this side of the mirror: Translation Studies in Portugal]. Lisbon: Universidade Católica Editora. pp. 251–263.
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As in any other war, in World War I relations of power were at stake and several games of alliances, of hegmonic military, geopolitical and economic interests were played. The aim of this study is to find out, through the Portuguese translations of World War I narratives, which representations of war and of the others were perceived by the Portuguese people, and how certain stereotypes were reinforced. In this case only the translations of French narratives are analysed.
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