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Fioupou, Christiane. 2006. Translating pidgin English, rotten English and ubuesque English into French. In Granqvist, Raoul J., ed. Writing back in/and translation. Bern: Peter Lang. pp. 75–90.
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Fioupou discusses the different translational strategies of rendering two plays by Wole Soyinka (The Road and King Baabu) and the novel Sozaboy: A Novel Written in Rotten English by Ken Saro-Wiwa into French. Her starting-point was that this translation had to subvert a colonial French known as langage tirailleur that had popularised racist expressions such as "Y'a bon … Banania." What the Nigerian works have in common is their strong and active presence of multicultural and multilingual varieties, Nigerian Pidgin English, and colloquialisms of a most innovative kind — and the presence in them of the already-translated and the already-writing-back. The major problem for the translators was where to find the tool with which to give the works an acceptable French voice and syntax.
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