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Simpson, Ekundayo. 1979. Translating from and into Nigerian languages. Babel 25 (2) : 75–79.
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Although none of the languages indigenous to Nigeria is accorded 'de jure' recognition, some of the major languages actually serve various official functions, especially in formal education and national development. As for English, Nigeria's official language, it is the only language that serves as a link between the different linguistic groups in the country. So dominant is the position of English that many Nigerians regard it as a forein language. However, strictly speaking English is neither a foreign language nor a mother tongue to most educated Nigerians. The present paper examines the case of translation from and into Nigerian languages but also translation done from English as used by Nigerians. The major aim is to find out what happens when English is assumed to be a Nigerian language, more particularly in the sphere of creative writing. The article concludes with a discussion of the translation of works by Nigerian authors using English into other languages.
Source : P. Van Mulken