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Kovačičová, Olga. 2005. Cesty a hľadania ruskej translatológie [The paths and inquiries of Russian Translation Studies]. Slovak Review 1 : 42–59.
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In this article the author draws on analogical studies mapping the up-to-date state of thinking on translation in different countries. She concentrates on the works of Russian authors of the latest (10-15) years, which confirm the unusual intensity and productiveness of research within translating in Russia. The author characterizes three basic tendencies of Russian theoretical thinking on translation: 1. the tendency methodologically connected primarily with linguistic theoretical impulses; 2. tendency anchored in literary theoretical conceptions (first of all in the literary comparatistics and in research of inter-literary communication) and 3. tendency oriented on diachronic research of translation. At the same time the author in her article states close interconnection of Russian translatological research with theoretical works of western provenience. Along with presentation of works by key representatives of contemporary Russian translation studies, chiefly Komissarov (linguistic orientation) and Toper (literary-scientific orientation), she also pays attention to the "academic" anthology Perevod i podrazanije v literaturach Srednich vekov i Vozrozdenija, which not only is a valuable contribution to the research within the history of translation and translating in European literatures but also brings new theoretical impulses for translation studies in older periods of development.
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