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Catry-Verron, Marthe. 1988. What's new, practicum? In Lindberg Hammond, Deanna, ed. Languages at crossroads. Medford: Learned Information. pp. 237–242.


The question of practical training for translation, terminology, and interpretation students has been repeatedly examined by academics and professionals alike. This paper briefly outlines how the practicum has evolved in Canada, and then presents four developments in this area: 1) the publicaton by the Société des traducteurs du Québec (STQ) of a Practicum Guide for students, universities, and the workplace; 2) the work carried out by the STQ's Comité des relations avec les universités in 1987-1988 to promote greater respect for student trainees and hence bring about fairer renumeration of their work; 3) the emergence of a practicum for teachers of translation as a result of the pioneering efforts of certain individuals; and 4) the first work-study or "cooperative education" program in translation, which was implented by the School of Translators and Interpreters at the University of Ottawa.
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