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Wrenn, Phyllis. 1988. Interpreting in British Columbia: facing the challenge. In Lindberg Hammond, Deanna, ed. Languages at crossroads. Medford: Learned Information. pp. 451–457.


The current article provides a brief overview of the demographic and economic background to the provision of language services in British Columbia in order to show why the "language professional" in this province has experience in a variety of contexts. In the article a profile is given of this language professional, considering various aspects of community interpreting, applying that term in the broadest way: his employment options, as well as his background and training. The author of this article describes how his language services are delivered, with particular reference to organizing services to provide interpreters in various community settings. Finally, an approach to local training opportunities is proposed, which takes into consideration constraints imposed by the specific multicultural needs of British Columbia, as well as the need to approach training in a continuing education setting.
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