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Sarri, Sam. 1987. Translation theory & interpretation: epistemological & methodological reflections. In Kummer, Karl, ed. Across the language gap. Medford: Learned Information. pp. 259–266.


The central thesis of this paper is that of challenging the 'ground up' methodology and epistemology in translation theory and commerce. The articles sets out by exhibiting the principal lines of arguments of some contemporary philosophical views on translation and interpretation. Simultaneously, the strenghts and weaknesses of these accounts are evaluated (the account of W.V.Quine, D. Davidson, H. Putnam and P. Churchland). Then the author specifically proposes his thesis grounded both on translatory calculus and the translator's/interpreter's creative and enlightened intuition (inner version). An argument is provided to support the author's thesis as well as a logical and epistemic assessment of its premises.
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