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Kaindl, Klaus. 1997. Die Übersetzung als Inszenierung: ein interdisziplinärer Rahmen zur Analyse von Opernübersetzung [Translation as staging: an interdisciplinary framework for opera translation analysis]. Target 9 (2) : 271–288.
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Previous work on opera translation has tended to focus on the practical difficulties of rendering a verbal text embedded in a musical score. Where issues of theoretical significance are raised, authors usually do not go beyond the prescriptive formulation of dos and don’ts. Based on a classification of the various types of opera translation this paper outlines a theoretical framework of analysis based on the systematic investigation of the pragmatics of operatic production. Adopting a necessarily interdisciplinary approach, the author first explores the relationship between semiotics and translation studies. Then the semiotics of drama as modeled by Fischer-Lichte, who views operatic performance as text, is linked up with Holz-Mänttäri’s action-theoretical model of translation so as to account for all the various translation-relevant stages and agents of operatic productions.
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