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Bieberstedt, Andreas. 2004. Die Übersetzungstechnik des Bremer Evangelistars: eine syntaktisch-stilistische Analyse unter Einbeziehung von Vergleichsübersetzungen des 14. bis frühen 16. Jahrhunderts [The translation technique of the Bremer Evangelistar: a syntactic-stylistic analysis, encompassing compartive translations from the 14th until the early 16th century] (Studia Linguistica Germanica 73). Berlin: De Gruyter. xxiii + 661 pp.


In this extensive monograph the author discusses bible translations between the 14th and the early 16th century. The author wants to make a contribution to the research concerning bible translation in the 14th century. The prupose of the study is, using a syntactic - stylistic analysis of one text and a systematic comparison of other bible translations to examine the translation methods and techniques of the religious translators in the Middle Ages. The main oblject of the study is the so-called "Bremer Evangelistar", a translation originating in the middle of the 14th century. The texts that are being compared are four Middle-German translations, the "Augsburger Bibelhandschrift" (1350), the "Evangelienbuch des Matthias van Beheim" (1343), the "Berliner Evangelistar (1340) "Druckbibel" (1466) and the "Septembertestament" (1522).
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