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Landon, Valerie. 1988. Interpreting and the international outlook. In Picken, Catriona, ed. ITI conference 2: translators and interpreters mean business. London: Aslib. pp. 16–22.
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In the present article it is argued that with 1992 in mind, and all of its implications so far as selling in a multilingual market is concerned, industry should be carefully considering its attitude to linguists. Companies may choose not to use interpreters for many reasons, being the expense involved, fears about finding someone with the necessary expertise and the feeling that a member of the firm with some knowledge of the language needed can do the job perfectly well. The author argues that from 1992 onwards, to participate fully in the international scene, it must be realised that many influential and educated potential clients do not speak necessarily sufficient English to conduct transactions in that language. In order to improve business relations interpreters are needed so that British companies can compete on equal terms with their European counterparts.
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