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Ozolins, Uldis. 1998. Interpreting & translating in Australia: current issues and international comparisons. Melbourne: Language Australia. 160 pp.
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This study updates the author’s 1991 examination of the development of interpreting/translating in Australia. It looks at recent, often very turbulent, changes to language services and the organisation of T/I which have resulted from changing public sector ideologies, government priorities and economic changes, as well as growing sophistication in service delivery and organisation of the profession. The study also explores more briefly the development of T/I in several other countries now responding to communication needs as a result of growing multilingual populations. The issue of I/T is no longer one for countries of classical immigration alone, but for many countries faced with new demographics, particularly from the effects of immigration. Importantly, Australia still leads the way in sophistication of provision, but recent changes to I/T policy now threaten some gains made, and other countries are rapidly developing their potential in this field.
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