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Turner, Graham H. and Kyra Pollitt. 2002. Community interpreting meets literary translation: English BSL interpreting in the theatre. The Translator 8 (1) : 25–48.
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In recent times, sign language interpreting has come to be identified as a form of community interpreting. Yet there are communicative settings in which sign language interpreters work that call into question some of the received wisdom. Probably the most extraordinary setting is theatre. Sign language interpreters now provide access to theatrical events from Shakespearean tragedies to experimental multimedia productions. This paper sheds light on three elements in particular. First, how does the theatre interpreter mediate between source text, performance text, and target audience? Second, once the text has been prepared, what is involved in delivering it on stage, and therefore in mediating live between actors and audience? Third, how can the political positioning of the interpreter in this context be described?
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