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D'hulst, Lieven, José Lambert and Katrien van Bragt. 1979. Lopend onderzoek aan de K.U. Leuven: literatuur en vertaling in Frankrijk (1800-1850) [Current research at the K.U. Louvain: literature and translation in France]. In Lefevere, André and Rita Vanderauwera, eds. Vertaalwetenschap: literatuur, wetenschap, vertaling en vertalen [Translation Studies: literature, studies, translation and translating]. Leuven: Acco. pp. 98–106.
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In 1969, the academic world in Western Europe had not devoted much attention to translations and problems concerning translation. This was also the case in Belgium. However this situation is changing from 1979 onwards. In this article the author discusses the research at the university of Louvain in 1979.
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