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Lemmens, Marcel and Tony Parr. 1995. Handboek voor de vertaler Nederlands-Engels [Handbook for the translator Dutch-English]. Leuven: Wolters. 375 pp.
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One of the main messages of the Handboek voor de vertaler Nederlands-Engels is that the number of possibilities for the translation of a sentence or a piece of text is usually not restricted to one solution. The handbook is divided into different chapters that all deal with one specific aspect of translating from Dutch into English. There is a chapter on past, present and future tense, on typical Dutch words and expressions, on word order, punctuation, … Furthermore there are some texts that can serve as an example for the translator. In the examples, often more than one possible translation is provided. Translating is a skill that requires a lot of creativity, therefore the authors stress that this book does not contain the key to all possible solutions, but it wants to offer standardised translations for a number of common problems
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