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Broeck, Raymond van den. 2000. De systematische studie van literaire vertalingen: problemen en perspectieven [The methodical study of literaire translations: problems and perspectives]. In Bloemen, Henri and Winibert Segers, eds. Incipit: uit het vroegere werk van Raymond van den Broeck [Incipit: from the early work of Raymond van den Broeck]. Antwerpen: KVH Antwerpen. pp. 59–87.
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The present article features a theoretical reflection on literary translation and translation criticism. The author discusses some theoretical and practical problems related to the study of literary translation and looks into a number of contributions of descriptive translation studies. The author also proposes two descriptive models. Finally, he discusses the role of translation in the target literature, mainly drawing on Itamar Even-Zohar.
Source : P. Van Mulken