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Pagano, Adriana Silvina. 2001. "An item called books": translations and publishers' collections in the editorial booms in Argentina and Brazil from 1930 to 1950. In Milton, John, ed. Emerging views on translation history in Brazil. Special issue of CROP. Revista do Curso de Língua Inglesa e Literaturas Inglesa e Norte-Americana 6: 171–194.


This paper presents a historiographical approach to translation in Latin America. Drawing on cultural studies, media studies and studies in print culture and the history of the book, it analyses translation practices in Argentina and Brazil from 1930 tot 1950, a period known as the “Golden Age” of translation in both nations. Special attention is given to the role of publishers and translators in what is called ‘the construction of a virtual world library’ in two countries which were undergoing profound changes in their means and relationships of production and consumption. It is the author’s contention that in order to better examine this period of translation effervescence in Latin America, an integrated approach that articulates sociological, economic, historical, and literary data, can contribute to a better understanding of translation as a cultural practice in specific socio-historical contexts.
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