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Whitfield, Agnès, ed. 2006. Writing between the lines: portraits of Canadian Anglophone translators. Waterloo: Wilfrid Laurier University Press. 320 pp.


The essays in Writing between the Lines explore the lives of twelve of Canada's most eminent Anglophone literary translators, and delve into how these individuals have contributed to the valuable process of literary exchange between francophone and Anglophone literatures in Canada. Through individual portraits, this book traces the events and life experiences that have led W.H. Blake, John Glassco, Philip Stratford, Joyce Marshall, Patricia Claxton, Doug Jones, Sheila Fischman, Ray Ellenwood, Barbara Godard, Susanne de Lotbinire-Harwood, John Van Burek, and Linda Gaboriau into the complex world of literary translation. Each essay-portrait examines why they chose to translate and what linguistic and cultural challenges they have faced in the practice of their art. Following their relationships with authors and publishers, the translators also reveal how they have defined the goals and the process of literary translation. Containing original, detailed biographical and bibliographical material, the book offers new insights into the literary translation process, and the diverse roles of the translator as social agent.
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