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Kaindl, Klaus. 1997. Von Hauptdarstellern und Statisten: Zur Rolle des Textes im translationswissenschaftlichen Handlungsspiel [About playing the key role and being an extra: about the role of the text in the actions game in Translation Studies]. In Grbić, Nadja and Michaela Wolf, eds. Text, Kultur, Kommunikation: Translation als Forschungsaufgabe [Text, culture, communication: translation and interpreting as a research object] (Studien zur Translation 4). Tübingen: Stauffenburg. pp. 53–65.
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Starting point of this article is the conclusion that the growth of translation studies as a separate discipline has been a success story in the 1980s. The author describes the different ways in which translation studies has developed. Furthermore attention goes to source text and target text, the ‘fetish’ of translation studies, as the author describes them. In a concluding chapter the author formulates his ideas on the future of translation studies.
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