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Rey, Joëlle and Mercedes Tricás Preckler. 2006. Stratégies de traduction: les introductions et les conclusions dans des textes de vulgarisation scientifique [Translation strategies: introductions and conclusions in scientific vulgarised texts]. Meta 51 (1) : 1–19.


The aim of this study is the examination of interpretation strategies developed by the translator when dealing with introductions and conclusions in semi-specialized scientific texts. The analysis of specific textual items, such as coherence devices, connective mechanisms and polyphonic marks and also the degree of specialization of the words used in these two specific textual spaces show that language has mainly an argumentative function as opposed to the informative function of the central part of the text. If the translator does not take into account these considerations, the pragmatic function, the point of view and the intention of the author can be altered. Therefore, the interpretation of a text should carefully process the primary and secondary meaning, the values and functions of these parts of the text in order to convey the introductory and conclusive function of the original.
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