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Malmkjær, Kirsten. 2005. Linguistics and the language of translation (Edinburgh Textbooks in Applied Linguistics). Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press. x + 208 pp.
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Also reviewed in: Jeremy Munday (2007). “Translation Studies”. #Years Work Critical and Cultural Theory# 15 (1): 203-216.


This book's objective is to enhance the understanding of the relationships between the two areas of linguistics and translation. The book uses explanation, discussion and practice to make explicit the forms of knowledge of language and of translation that makes translators successful. Chapters on the development of Translation Studies in the west and on contemporary approaches to translation provide the disciplinary context within which the processes and products of translating are studied. Five practical chapters cover sounds and rhythms, lexis, collocation and semantic prosody, texture, register, cohesion, coherence, implicature, speech and text acts, texts and genre analysis, clausal thematicity and transitivity and the expression through language choices of ideological positions. [Based on publisher information]
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