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Bergfelt, Pernilla. 2003. Insiderisms in Pinter: problems in the translation of Pinter's formulaic expressions into Swedish. Surrey: Surrey University.
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This thesis is a study concerned with the translation of formulaic expressions (FEs) and modifications (MODs) from English into Swedish in five plays by Harold Pinter. Chapter I outlines the characteristics of the language of the plays. The findings of linguistic and biographical research related to Pinter are presented in order for a satisfactory understanding of the language of Pinter’s plays to be obtained. Chapter II investigates the critical reception of Pinter’s plays in the UK, the USA, France and Sweden. In Chapter III, the terms cultural and linguistic FEs are defined and a framework for different types of FEs and MODs in introduced. In addition, proposed guidelines, options and strategies for the translation of FEs and MODs are presented. These are then applied to actual translation examples in Chapter IV, which is a comparative analysis of the English STs and the Swedish target texts (TTs). The emphasis is on assessing the translation of FEs and MODs in the five plays by Pinter, illustrating the conclusions drawn with the help of examples.
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