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Sawicka, Anna. 2004. Polacs i plonesos : traducció literària català-polonès i polonès-català ["Polacs" and "Plonesos": Catalan-Polish and Polish-Catalan literary translation]. Quaderns 11 : 11–27. URL
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The reception of Catalan literature in Poland is limited to some thirty Catalan writers, whose works were published mostly in periodicals and anthologies, only ten authors have at least one whole composition translated into Polish. Sergi Belbel stands out with four titles published, and Ramon Llull has one poem and two important prose texts. Professional translators are still used to translate Catalan literature from Spanish; the writers are said to "come from Barcelona", their Catalan origin is not mentioned. As far as Polish literature in Catalunya is concerned, the dispersion phenomenon is not as acute although fewer than twenty Polish writers are known in Catalan: the Catalan reader has thirty-five Polish titles at his disposal, not to mention translations into Spanish available on the same editorial market, where Spanish and Catalan translations compete with each other. The Polish books translated are mostly contemporary literature, and follow the international ranking.
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