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Delabastita, Dirk, Lieven D'hulst and Reine Meylaerts, eds. 2006. Functional approaches to culture and translation: selected papers by José Lambert (Benjamins Translation Library 69). Amsterdam: John Benjamins. xxviii + 226 pp.
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Also reviewed in: Jeremy Munday (2008). “Translation Studies”. #Years Work Critical and Cultural Theory# 16 (1): 215-234.


This volume contains a generous selection of articles on translation by Professor José Lambert (K.U. Leuven). It traces the intellectual itinerary of their author, who started out as a French and comparative literature scholar some four decades ago trying to get a better grip on the problem of inter-literary contacts, and who soon became a key figure in the emergent discipline of Translation Studies, where he is widely known as an indefatigable promoter of descriptively oriented research. This collection shows how José Lambert has never stopped asking new questions about the crucial but often hidden role of language and translation in the world of today. It includes some of the author’s classic papers as well as a few lesser known ones that deserve wider circulation. The editors’ introduction and the bibliography complete this thought-provoking survey of the career of one of the most creative researchers in the field.
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