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Waldinger, Albert. 2006. Sholem Aleichem in Tel Aviv: classic Yiddish fiction in Hebrew. Babel 52 (2) : 101–123.
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The present article traces the progress of the translation of Shalom Aleichem, one of the most highly regarded of Jewish writers into Hebrew. It is emphasized that this is 'in family’' translation, since Yiddish and Hebrew are sisters, with Hebrew older, religious (even pious) and prestigious while Yiddish is younger, somewhat secular and ordinary. The task, then, was to fashion a Hebrew in tune with secular reality while maintaining the elevation and richness of the Jewish Hebraic tradition, both linguistically and morally. Joseph Haim Brenner, Y. D. Berkovits and Arye Aharoni, the first two creative writers in their own right, have had to struggle with these problems of adaptation and the article concludes that translation must be responsive to the life of its people.
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