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Ko, Yung-Min. 2005. The function of dialogue interpreters as mediators. Conference Interpretation and Translation 7 (1) : 3–17.
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This study aims at providing meaningful insights on the mediating function of dialogue interpreters in contrast to the function of conference interpreters. While there is usually only one speaker for a duration of time in conference interpreting and the speaker's utterances are regarded as a given text with the interpreter being viewed as a one-way conduit of information, there are at least two main interlocutors in dialogue interpreting and there is a dynamic interaction among the participants of the dialogue. The main role of the interpreter in dialogue interpreting is regarded more as a mediator than a mere translator. Dialogue interpreters are physically located between the main interlocutors at the place where the dialogue occurs. It is performed in dialogical circumstances in both directions, and the interpreter often changes his or her footings during the conversation. Furthermore, the interpreter often participates actively in the conversation as one of the interlocutors of the conversation. As a result, the dialogue interpreter contributes to the expedition of the conversation between the main interlocutors as a mediator for them.
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