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Eco, Umberto. 2001. Experiences in translation (Toronto Italian studies). Toronto: University of Toronto Press. x + 135 pp.
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Translated by Alastair McEwen.


The first part deals more with personal experiences in translation, while the second part is more theoretical in nature. Eco deliberately wanted to discuss his experiences in the light of a 'naïve' concept of translation. Every sensible and rigorous theory of language shows that a perfect translation is an impossible dream. In spite of this, people translate. It is like the paradox of Achilles and the turtle. Theoretically speaking, Achilles should never reach the turtle. But in reality, he does. The majority of Christians have read the Gospels in translation (every nation in a different language), but all of them believe that Jesus was crucified and John the Baptist beheaded, and not vice versa.
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