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Lannoy, Katrien and Jan Van Gucht. 2006. Babel rebuilt: a survey of social welfare institutions and interpreting and translation services in Flanders. In Pym, Anthony, Miriam Shlesinger and Zuzana Jettmarová, eds. Sociocultural aspects of translating and interpreting (Benjamins Translation Library 67). Amsterdam: John Benjamins. pp. 191–200.


The Flemish government aims to ensure the full participation of all ethnic and cultural minorities in society and its institutions. This policy requires a number of well-organized professional interpeting and translation service providers, who offer a wide range of high quality services. An extensive analysis of these services and their users, as well as a comparative study of the systems used in two neighboring countries, allows a number of recommendations to be formulated with respect to their structure, development, service provision, quality control, and funding.
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