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Choi, Jung-Yoon. 2004. A metacognitive approach to evaluating consecutive interpretation for novice learners. Conference Interpretation and Translation 6 (1) : 169–185.
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Metacognitive evaluation introduced in this study assumes that if more value were added to self-evaluation, students may build up confidence by realizing that they have the potential to make more progress. To do that requires a self-monitoring mechanism to go in parallel with the teacher's monitoring process. Another point worth mentioning to justify the need for self-evaluation is that students spend more time practicing in groups or individually outside class than in class with the teacher. This indicates that self-evaluation can come in handy by effectively making maximum use of practicing when students are on their own as well. Up till now, it has been well proven in many areas that metacognitive approaches can make a significant difference. In this context, this paper will demonstrate how metacognition can add value to teaching interpretation from a pedagogical standpoint by encouraging students to self-evaluate. It is hard, however, for novice learners to self-evaluate and make progress without understanding the fundamental cause of their shortcomings. Therefore, this paper also attempts to introduce metacognition, its strategies and its application to interpretation evaluation in the classroom.
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