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Ryan, Joann P. 1988. The role of the translator in making an MT system work: perspective of a developer. In Vasconcellos, Muriel, ed. Technology as translation strategy (American Translators Association Scholarly Monograph Series 2). Amsterdam: John Benjamins. pp. 127–132.


In the last analysis, the translator is the expert who really determines the effectiveness of an MT expert system, and this is as it should be, since MT systems were designed as aids to the translator. In this article it is argued that when programmers and translators work together, the goals of both can be achieved. The programmers have the satisfaction of seeing their systems in use, and the translators have the satisfaction of seeing their ideas reflected in the system - and both groups are happy when their joint venture turns out to be both useful and cost-effective. In addittion the author argues that a good MT system can only be developed when there is excellent communication between translators and programmers; the best MT systems come about when translators are so involved with system development that they share with the programmers the enjoyment, the challenge, and the achievement of being joint system developers.
Source : P. Van Mulken