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Coracini, Maria José. 2006. L'identité du traducteur: l'être entre langues-cultures [The translator's identity: in between languages-cultures]. In Wolf, Michaela, ed. Übersetzen - translating - traduire: towards a 'social turn'? (Repräsentation-Transformation: Translating across Cultures and Societies 1). Münster: LIT Verlag. pp. 219–229.
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This paper intends to study representations of Brazilian translators about themselves, their task and the language of the other. A questionnaire answered by 30 translators and 5 oral interviews have been analysed. Amongst the most relevant results, we indicate the illusion of mastering language: it is very common to notice in the speaker the belief in the control of each language and the distinction from one another, mainly when he refers to himself as a professional. But the narratives testify that the translator is a subject inevitably located in an intermediate position, between languages-cultures, a point of tension and, therefore, point of crossing between the same and the different.
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