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Leonhardt Santini, Maud. 2006. Déplacements arabes: immigration intellectuelle et traduction litéraire [Arab transfers: intellectual immigration and literary translation]. In Wolf, Michaela, ed. Übersetzen - translating - traduire: towards a 'social turn'? (Repräsentation-Transformation: Translating across Cultures and Societies 1). Münster: LIT Verlag. pp. 339.
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A chronological concordance between an Arab intellectual presence in Paris and the publication of translations in French of contemporary Arabic literature is the starting point of this article. The author examines the itineraries of migrant intellectuals between different capitals and those of texts crossing different points of the international literary field. This study focuses on the relationship between the circulation of individuals and their intellectual creations, between text and mobility. The crossings from one city to another and from one language to another refer to the translation process itself.
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