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Biondi, Tania. 1998. La cabine 'réelle' comme outil d'évaluation de la performance de l'étudiant-interprète [The 'real' booth as a tool for the evaluation of the interpreting student's performance]. In Hartzell, James, ed. Ocena tlumaczenia ustnego [Evaluating an interpreter's performance]. Lodz: Centre for modern Translation and Interpretation Studies, University of Lodz. pp. 177–188.
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On the basis of her experience at the Institut Libre Marie Haps, the author discusses a number of aspects regarding interpreter training and evaluation in interpreter training (what makes a good interpreter?) and the role of courses (pedagogical framework, external influences, absence of an audience, work and evaluation limitations in language lab, evaluation) and internships (why, what, when, how?, preparing and evaluating internships) in interpreter training programmes [Source: A. Matthyssen].
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