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Puskala, Jaana. 2002. Bolaget X ska förvärva företaget Y: att rubricera ett pressmeddelande om ett föreståebde förestagsköp. In Koskela, Merja and Nina Pilke, eds. Erikoiskielet ja käannösteoria [LSP and theory of translation]. Vaasa: University of Vaasa, Faculty of Humanities. pp. 291–299.
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The article discusses what kind of headlines press releases about planned company transactions have. The material consists of both authentic press releases and press releases written by students of economics. The author discusses both content and form of the headlines. Headlines have an important cognitive function in a text: they summarize the text theme. Besides that function, especially in the news, headlines have a function to attract the reader. The press release as genre has much in common with the news article, while a press release can sometimes be published as a news article without any changes. In every case the headline should attract those who write articles. The role of the headlines in press releases is now more important than before, because many economic newspapers publish press releases at their Internet home pages and the reader chooses the ones he would like to read by clicking the headlines.
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