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Choi, Jungwha. 2005. Qualité et préparation de l'interprétation: évolution des modes de préparation et role de l'Internet [Quality and preparation of interpretation: evolution of modes of preparation and the role of the Internet]. Meta 50 (4).
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No page numbers available, article on CD-Rom accompanying Meta, volume 50, issue 4.


For the interpreter, preparing for an interpretation is of utmost importance since it is directly linked with the quality of the interpretation. How long the interpreter prepares depends on the interpreter experience, the difficulty of the subject as well as well the time available before the actual interpretation takes place. The purpose of this article is to research the objective and means of preparation as well as the variables which influence the preparation phase and the evolution in preparation methods. A special emphasis will be placed on the importance of Internet use during preparation, which areas to concentrate on during preparation and how to manage each different case. These are all factors that should be taken into account when teaching student interpreters. [Based on abstract in journal]
Source : Based on abstract in journal