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Laet, Frans De and Raymond Vanden Plas. 2005. La traduction à vue en interprétation simultanée: quelle opérationnalité ambitionner ? [Sight translation in simultaneous interpreting: when is it operational?] Meta 50 (4).
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No page numbers available, article on CD-Rom accompanying Meta, volume 50, issue 4.


Anyone who has taken on interpreting within the framework of institutional meetings over the past decades is bound to confirm that working conditions have changed quite dramatically. Where the length of meetings has remained by and large stable, the sheer extent of the agendas has, by contrast, rocketed. As a result, today's participants taking the floor have to stick to limited speaking times and if they wish to deliver their entire speech they have no other choice but to speed up their reading pace. Fortunately (?), the interpreters often receive their texts shortly before the meetings begin, but there are times when they only receive them once they are in their booths. How should they / how can they use this material? Hence the onus on the trainers to groom their students in this respect. This paper focuses on an experiment carried out with a group of students in their final year. The main aim is to see until when exactly sight translation in simultaneous interpreting is operational. [Based on abstract in journal]
Source : Based on abstract in journal