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Gormezano, Nathalie. 2005. Traductologie et sémiostylistique comparée: interdisciplinarité implicite? [Translation Studies and comparative semiostylistics: implicit interdisciplinarity?] Meta 50 (4).
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No page numbers available, article on CD-Rom accompanying Meta, volume 50, issue 4.


Comparative semiostylistic appeared at the beginning of the 80's and allowed new ways of interdisciplinary research in human and linguistic sciences. Originating from research trends of the 70's, this new way of investigation united fields of study from diverse disciplines leading to consequent diachronical and synchronical studies concerning phenomenogical esthetics. Concurrent translatology studies were appearing without any similar link within comparative semiostylistic studies; these were mainly concentrated in analysing styles, esthetic forms, semiotical aspects but not in linguistical and cultural transfer processing. In the 90's comparative semiostylistic research began to recognize translatology as a significant science especially interested in the particular way it examines transfer processing relative to cultural, social, ideological, psychological and esthetical phenomena. Comparative semiostylistic and translatology are two subjects sharing common fields of research and in the future they may continue their new collaboration. [Source: abstract in journal]
Source : Abstract in journal